Journey Towards CCIE

“CCIE: An uphill task but Life transformer once accomplished” I know how difficult it is to decide about CCIE, due to the myths around the success rates and other demanding factors. I have personally gone through it, during these times will not be able to think any thing else apart from routing, switching, multicast, QoS, Frame-relay, Security and many other flying in the mind all over .

It took lot of time for me to prepare and understand the topic as I studied without any kind of formal training, nor peers with whom I can share or someone who can point out the areas where I lack expertise etc. After completion of my certification, I analyzed myself to check why it took me so long to prepare? Answer I found was “MENTOR”.

We might have large collection of study materials (Study Guides, CBTs, workbooks, etc), Self-owned or rental rack, GNS(wonderful utility to prepare CCIE) but we lack a mentor who can guide us throughout our journey on letting us know the coverage of topics, area’s to concentrate, monitor our performance periodically, inspire us and boost our confidence.

Once I accomplished my certification, there was immense satisfaction and self belief to set even bigger goals. There were numerous job offers from major MNCs and the remunerations offered was much beyond what I expected. The next two months I only had time to contemplate on the offer I need to choose. Finally, I decided to start Network Expert, where I can guide, mentor and help many CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE certification training enthusiasts manifest their dream at a much faster pace. Today, I am proud that many CCIEs have graduated from my centre and are working at major MNCs as leads and Managers.

At Network Expert, we believe in mentoring. All our students have a dedicated mentor/trainer throughout the program (theory / lab), entire sessions/course is handled by same trainer and finally we end up mentoring them even after successful completion of training/certification that’s the relationship we share.

All the best for your endeavor.

John Baptist

Sr. Trainer | Consultant

CCIEx3 No: 22136(Routing & Switching, Security & Data Center), CCNP, CCSP, CCIP, CWNA, CCSA