Training method

We are proud to say that our training method is tried and tested and every student is satisfied. Lectures are delivered in clear and simple words with real time examples. We provide 5 mins of break for every 15-20mins of lecture delivered so that every student can make note of what he/she has learnt and discuss any doubts/queries. Timing mentioned are for illustrative purpose only, break and lecture time may vary based on topics and queries.
Every training program comes with a specific amount of duration required and spread across several days. For instance, CCNA training requires minimum of 60hrs and spread across 20 to 30days based on requirement. Sufficient additional duration is provided based on the progress of the batch. We are in no hurry to complete the batch and start another new batch, which becomes a mere business. We would responsibly deliver our duty with passion so that students gain knowledge and potential to execute the task by them self.
For Instance How CCIE Routing and Switching training is delivered?
We first conduct basic essential topics which can be termed as base knowledge required to lay foundation for CCIE Routing and Switching, topics like

  • IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
  • Frame Relay
  • PPP
  • HDLC
  • PPPoE
  • Routing Principles
  • Route summarization
  • Route redistribution faculty.
  • Route Filtering
  • After completing these essential topics, Routing protocols training beings
  • RIPver2


We conduct classroom whiteboard training to discuss how RIP works, fine tuning RIP performance, Advanced features of RIP, commands and configuration

Technology Lab

Every topic discussed about RIP theoritically is practically executed and demonstrated by trainer. Sufficient time is provided to practice same.

Challenge Lab

It’s a lab test on RIP that every candidate should complete to move to next topic. Challenge Lab helps each candidate to guage his/her skills related to RIP.
In a similar way every topic of blue print is conducted. For every topic we conduct challenge lab.

Core labs

After completing each topic with challenge lab as per blueprint, we conduct core labs, each lab is designed to include all topics in blueprint and in an average need 7 to 8 hrs to complete. Each core lab is executed by trainer so that candidates understand the method to approach and requirement of each question.
Mock Labs: Its similar to core labs, but these labs are conducted as test to candidates. Every candidate can guage his/her skills related to all topics of CCIE R/S and decide about Lab exam.
All training programs are conducted in similar way.