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To keep pace with dynamic business environments, it has become imperative that an enterprise be built on a robust and reliable IT infrastructure. With reducing IT spends and increasing business pressures, merely ensuring enhanced IT service levels at reduced TCOs is not enough. Today, businesses are increasingly focusing on transforming the way they operate and an effective IT infrastructure is a strategic enabler in this transformation journey. Our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise helps customers harness the best out of their IT investments by creating a 'Business Effective' IT infrastructure that's not only reliable but also future proof.

At Network Expert, we understand the importance of making your business-critical IT infrastructure available real time, updated efficiently and effectively to meet the changing business needs while operating under a secure environment. Our mature operations provide complete spectrum of IT infrastructure services and are a testimony of Network Expert constant endeavor to provide cost effective solutions to clients.

These services also include solutions-in-a-box—preconfigured hardware and software solutions tailored to specific business needs. Whether clients have PCs, Workstation, Laptops or printers and other specially designed printing equipments, Network Expert can integrate and customize multiple end user devices to reduce onsite disruptions, help increase employee productivity and improve customer service—while freeing clients' IT staff to focus on creating new business value.

Our integrated global approach provides our clients the benefits of:

Cost-effective solutions by leveraging skills, processes and technology Improved levels of service with a flexible, yet robust delivery model Improved account servicing through the account management model


In today’s world information infrastructure is dynamic – and adapting to new technologies and products can be challenging. Network Expert offers IT services for every stage of the technology deployment lifecycle, helping you to make your infrastructure dynamic by adopting new technology efficiently and with less risk. Our technical Assessment Services experts have the skills and experience to get the job done right the first time.

We have proven skilled technical architects who will design the industry standard cost effective solutions for you which leads to ROI and speed up the decision making process 


Ease your IT burden with cost-effective, flexible remote monitoring and management services. 

Network Expert Remote Managed Infrastructure Services (NRMIS) takes the pain and high cost out of keeping IT infrastructures-from individual CPUs to entire networks-healthy around the clock. These scalable services remotely monitor, manage and report on problems, vulnerabilities, intrusions and capacity with proven technology and methodologies that keep data consistently available.

WHAT CLIENTS GET                                                                                                                                                                                

NRMIS services address five essential components of today's IT infrastructures. Midsized businesses can choose from any or all of the services, which are managed remotely by highly qualified Network Expert experts. Each of these services comes with near real-time dashboards that graphically illustrate activities and key performance indicators (KPIs) essential to a healthy IT infrastructure. These services cover: 

Network connection availability: analyzes memory usage and performance metrics of routers and switches. 

Continuous server access: monitors performance statistics such as availability, resource use by CPU, memory, disk, process and bandwidth. 

Optimal application usage: keeps tabs on service availability and memory usage vital for keeping business software up and running. 

Application infrastructure uptime: monitors utilization and access speed of environments that host multiple business software applications. 

Unified communications access: determines and remediates infrastructure issues that can slow collaboration; monitoring information is delivered through a centralized, browser-based portal. Each of these services comes with guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs). When an error occurs in an infrastructure component, NRMIS automatically generates a trouble ticket and notifies the appropriate in-house users, as well as Network Expert and business partner IT experts. Agent less monitoring, which requires no additional software to be installed on the premises, helps ensure that deployment is rapid and non-disruptive. Data privacy is ensured by virtual private networks (VPNs) and dedicated channel connections to NRMIS solutions.


Beyond improving IT infrastructure availability and performance at low cost, NRMIS helps IT costs become predictable - while preserving investments in existing technology. A global delivery model that uses agent less technology-so no additional software is required - can free budget for other areas where it may be better allocated for capturing new opportunities. These services are ideal for smaller companies, organizations with 100 to 1,000 employees. NRMIS offerings are competitively priced and available through local Network Expert business partners. In addition to low price points, NRMIS offerings also pay for themselves - preserving the value of IT investments by keeping them up and running. And with consistent data access, midsized businesses can be assured of keeping operations running smoothly and productively.


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