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• F5 Fundamentals and Introductions

• BIG-IP System Setup

• Reviewing Local Traffic Configuration

• Load Balancing Traffic with LTM

• Modifying Traffic Behavior with Persistence

• Monitoring Application Health

• Processing Traffic with Virtual Servers

• Processing Traffic with SNATs

• Configuring High Availability

• Configuring High Availability Part 2

• Modifying Traffic with Profiles

• Deploying Application Services with iApps

• Customizing Application Delivery with iRules and Local Traffic Policies


• Set up BIG-IP System

• Configure the management port

• Activate the BIG-IP System and configure the network

• Test Administrative Access

• Archive the configurations

• Set up Virtual Servers and Pools Labs

• Configure BIG-IP using TMSH

• Use NAT on BIG-IP System

• Use SNAT auto Map Lab

• Monitor Application Health

• Configure an FTP Virtual Server

• Use Source Address affinity persistence

• Use Cookie persistence

• Enable cookie Encryption

• Implement SSL offload and SSL Re-Encryption

• Manage object state

• Perform High speed logging

• Legacy Remote Syslog

• Use iHealth Diagnostics

• Ensure AOM IP Address Lab

• Create Administrative Partitions and users

• Redirect HTTP to HTTPs via iRule

• Perform Pool selection via iRule


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