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Network infrastructure is a keystone and a significant part of your business process. With the increasing Infrastructure to cope with the organizations growth, it becomes crucial to examine the network and see how best to optimize performance and standardize the network to prevent frequent network outage.

With the growing business challenges where the organizations dependency on the network has increased on one hand and on the IT budgets are reducing. This along with growing business is leading to an expanding need for an optimized IT environment. Without a clear understanding of the network infrastructure, and the possible impacts of new business initiatives onto the network, severe performance issues may occur which might result in substantial loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Network Expert Network Infrastructure Optimization Services is packaged to provide you with complete insight into your network performance and functionality. This service will aid you for capacity planning resource re-deployment, service provisioning and re-engineering of the network.


Network Expert Networking approach and Optimization Services - network infrastructure optimization has been developed to help organizations better understand their network, address a particular problem or reduce network costs.


Improve network performance Reduce costs Leverage new technologies Simplify network operations and management Provide a benchmark for future comparisons

Network infrastructure optimization services will identify high yield opportunities for optimization.

NNIOS VALUE PROPOSITION                                                                                                                                                                                

Business need


Performance -- the ability to meet the end-user and application response times required for high productivity

Scalability -- allowing you to expand or contract the network, with limited disruption and expense, in response to significant shifts in your business environment

Security -- features to protect the integrity of your information as it traverses your network, against a variety of perils and threats, while maintaining privacy

Availability -- capable of responding to peak-period requests, as well as providing high-quality, reliable service,

24x7 Modularity -- using open architecture standards to allow for selection and use of the best products on the market

Adherence to industry standards -- enabling easier integration of diverse components and systems into a high-performance network

Customer Benefits

Cost savings Security improvement Performance improvement Availability improvement Net management and monitoring improvement

Our Infrastructure Service Delivery Model

Network Expert has derived its delivery model from ITIL V3 and Microsoft Office Framework to provide best in class service to suit your needs. Proven three phased approach of Network Expert is controlled by Risk Management, Security Compliances and Governance Policies to ensure you improved service level and controlled cost regardless of IT Infrastructure complexity.

Network Expert offers both traditional At-Site delivery model and futuristic Remote Infrastructure Management model. Sensoft has built world class, state of art Remote Infrastructure Management Delivery Center (RIM-DC) which addresses all the security and compliance needs. Sensoft adopt blend of At-Site, Nearshore and Offshore resource to deliver the services. This model is proven to provide high SLA and greater response to IT-Infrastructue issues.

Risk Management

We plan and optimize our service strategies to seamlessly align your business with IT at the same time compiling to the policies thus aiming to support your business goals and objectives.

We strive hard to deliver you the best in industry service by following the process of constant Envision, Planning, Building, Stabilizing and Deploying.   

We ensure that the IT services are operated, maintained and supported to meet high level of SLA.  

Network Expert Infrastructure Service Engagement Model 

Network Expert Works with different engagement models based on the flexibility required by the client and what the key business drivers are. The objective of these engagement models is to provide lasting value proposition and true benefits by outsourced IT to the clients.

Time & Material Pricing Model (TMP)

Service Oriented Pricing Model (SOP) 

Remote Management Pricing Model (RMP)


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